American History Book Project

Under the aegis of Education and Research Institute, Stan Evans published two major books on communism: Blacklisted by History and Stalin’s Secret Agents. No discussion of communists in the U.S. government is worth listening to if the discussants haven’t read Stan’s books. They are a major achievement in U.S. history writing, and they are, almost certainly, the final words on the subject.


But there can be no finality on the writing or teaching of American history in general. That history is always “up for grabs.” And so the Directors of ERI have decided to embark on an American history project.


We want to do something about the biased teaching of American history in the country’s high schools. One of Stan’s greatest books was his American history book, The Theme Is Freedom. It should be read by every high school student.  It is not.

The most widely used American history textbook in American high schools used to be Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States. Howard Zinn was a communist, and not, unfortunately, the under-the-bed kind, but the kind that makes trouble, which in Zinn’s case included messing up people’s understanding of history. Zinn, who died not a moment too soon in 2010, influenced generations of American high school students. Zinn’s book has now been supplanted by several others, but the new books also present Zinn’s classic left-wing interpretation of American history: decades and decades of exploitation and discrimination by privileged upper classes. Who knew? That’s rubbish, of course, but how are students supposed to know that?


We plan to hire a professor of American history and have him go through, first, the most widely-used textbook, page by page, section-by-section, and critique it. Then we will have that work reviewed by other experts in the field, and finally by the board of ERI. After that, we will put the critique up on a website where parents and students can find out what the problem is with what the textbook says on any given page or section: what content is biased, and how; and what was omitted. After we have done the first book, subsequent books should be easier because we can use, probably, much of the same copy. We think this is such a good idea that we are surprised no one has done it before. We hope others will steal our idea and do likewise.

Sample ERI Textbook Critique

The American Pageant, by David M. Kennedy, Lizabeth Cohen and Thomas Bailey, is a widely used textbook produced by an international schoolbook firm known as Cengage Learning.


It is typical of the history textbooks in American schools, with a notable liberal bias that often provides a distorted and inaccurate picture of the historical topics covered.


For a sample of the way in which ERI plans to offer a point-by-point critique of this and other textbooks, click on the link below:

The American Pageant

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