The Education and Research Institute

The Education and Research Institute (ERI) is a tax-exempt, educational organization devoted to advancing greater awareness and understanding of America's traditional values. Founded in 1974, ERI has been researching and publishing studies on public policy issues for more than 30 years.

The range of studies undertaken by ERI researchers has been broad—from tax and budget matters, to health care topics, to foreign policy and defense-related issues. Also included in the mix have been in-depth studies of the role of religion in the American political system. A further emphasis throughout has been the historical question of internal security in America's long-running struggle with the Soviet Union. To aid in these studies ERI in 1988 founded its Center for Security Research as a collection point for Cold War historical data.

ERI Board Members

M. Stanton Evans, Allan H. Ryskind, Ralph Bennett,

Patrick Korten, James C. Roberts, Terrence M. Scanlon

ERI Staff

Mary Jo Buckland, Office Manager

Mark LaRochelle, Webmaster

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